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Fall transitions

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I woke up to a whopping 48 degrees this morning!

I honestly debated turning on the heater to bring the inside up 2 degrees.  Don't worry I didn't do it! I'm not a fan of the cold, Sunshine makes me happy. Fall is my favorite Season, but I like to slowly transition.  Here are some easy and subtle ways I welcome Fall.  







Perfect for those brisk mornings and chilly nights.


Pair with

Leggings, jeans, or even shorts! My fav is to tie around my waist.


Open toe boots/Mules

That perfect combo between a sandal and a boot!



Switch out your BB cream for a heavier cover concealer.

I also break out my darker Fall colors of lipstick, blush and eyeshadow.



I even mix neutrals into my greens!  I love the texture it creates. Have fun! There are no rules.


Switch out


for more neutral colors.




Just because Target has Halloween out in August doesn't mean you have to buy it. I start by adding a little pumpkin here and there.

Although we are now in September I haven't added a single Pumpkin to my decor!  Who am I?  I hope to add some and more Fall décor over the weekend.  

How do you transition into Fall?

Boho Bow and Arrows

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My dining room has a Farmhouse/Boho/Rustic vibe going on so I wanted my Valentine décor and mantle to go along  with that.  I knew I wanted to make a bow and after browsing Pinterest there wasn't anything that didn't require a bowed branch or pvc pipe.  If we weren't buried in snow here in Utah I would have loved to find a curved branch, but I went for the next best thing. 

You know the rack of inexpensive toys you can find at the Grocery store or gas station.  I know these toys all too well.  My 4 year old loves these toys and they are a good bribe for being good while grocery shopping.  I knew we  had a couple of  bow and arrow sets so I went digging through toys until I found one.  They are only $2.99 new.

After a few coats of gold spray paint...

Gold spray paint never disappoints! Now for the arrows.  I knew I wanted to use sticks to give the Rustic look so I cut a few from some bushes in my front yard. 


-Felt/ fabric



-Glue gun


For the tips I cut a few triangles and hearts. 2 per arrow.  Hot glue them to the tip with the stick in the middle of felt.  On the other end glue feathers and wrap with twine.  For the felt feathers I cut 2 rectangles, glued them closed on the end of the stick then cut into feather shape and cut slits.

I am  very busy just like many of you, so I'm all about  fast and easy projects that make a big impact.   This was just that!  Now run to the nearest Dollar store or gas station and find yourself a bow!  If you make this quick DIY please share and tag us!