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Thirty Something...

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Today is my Birthday!

And I’m gonna Party like it’s 1999.


Let’s be real, it’s not always fun getting older. There comes a point in every adult’s life where you don’t get excited about Birthday’s anymore. You don’t want to celebrate getting older!

Let’s be real again, One year older is one year wiser. Why not give yourself the one day that is yours to celebrate. Celebrate life, celebrate you, heck celebrate the night off from cooking! Choose positive things to celebrate and don’t focus on the number.

This year feels different.

This year feels good.

This Birthday is awesome!

Even if everyone is busy, my family is hundreds of miles away, my husband is out of town.

It’s ok, I’m happy.

As I have sat and pondered the last few days of my mid thirties, I decided to come up with three words to move forward with this year.



those beautiful life lines we call wrinkles, new adventures, opportunities, change.



memorable moments, beautiful things, new relationships.


Self Love.

Take time for yourself, as much as you need. Love yourself & what your doing.

Like the Dollar Spot at Target, I’m welcoming my late thirties with open arms!

xoxo Elkee


Jord Watch

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I recently received my first Jord Watch and let me tell you



Isn’t she lovely? It arrived perfect in size and packaged in this beautiful wood box.

My watch-Hyde-Kosso & Gray

These are a few reasons why I’m loving it…


-Comfortable. Perfect for the Mom on the go as well as the working Mom.

-Stylin’. Classy designs for both Men and Women.


I’m absolutely obsessed with the wood and warm colors!  Jord watches add the perfect touch to any outfit whether your dressing up or down.




What up my lovelies! I’m pretty jazzed about teaming up with @jordwatches this Holiday Season to give one of my awesome followers a chance to win $100 to shop their watch collections! I’m obsessed with these wood watches for him and her! To enter follow the link in my bio. You will automatically be given a 20% coupon code to use on any purchase. It’s easy as that! But guess what for you being so cool, I’m throwing in a $25 Amazon gift card. After you enter the Jord watch giveaway comment here on the blog with and you will be entered to win. I will draw a winner Dec 15th! Ready..Set..Go!





Giveaway closed.