Boho Style Baby Shower
boho (boh-hoh)
1. bohemian
a mecca for bohos and arty types.
— Dictionary

Last Summer I was lucky enough to help throw my youngest sister Tori a baby shower.  She was expecting her first baby boy and I wanted it to be special and reflect her.


My inspiration board

One thing I love about Tori is her free spirit. She has this gypsy boho style that fits her naturally. So I ran with it. 



The invite.  Simple, BOHO, and unique.

Old chair, fabric, blankets, basket, lace tablecloth, book pages.

Old bottles, doilies, feathers, and wild flowers.

Caramel apple bar, dream catchers, baskets, and my Dad's amazing cactus's added the perfect touch!

Happy Six  months baby Kohvey!