Boho Bow and Arrows

My dining room has a Farmhouse/Boho/Rustic vibe going on so I wanted my Valentine décor and mantle to go along  with that.  I knew I wanted to make a bow and after browsing Pinterest there wasn't anything that didn't require a bowed branch or pvc pipe.  If we weren't buried in snow here in Utah I would have loved to find a curved branch, but I went for the next best thing. 

You know the rack of inexpensive toys you can find at the Grocery store or gas station.  I know these toys all too well.  My 4 year old loves these toys and they are a good bribe for being good while grocery shopping.  I knew we  had a couple of  bow and arrow sets so I went digging through toys until I found one.  They are only $2.99 new.

After a few coats of gold spray paint...

Gold spray paint never disappoints! Now for the arrows.  I knew I wanted to use sticks to give the Rustic look so I cut a few from some bushes in my front yard. 


-Felt/ fabric



-Glue gun


For the tips I cut a few triangles and hearts. 2 per arrow.  Hot glue them to the tip with the stick in the middle of felt.  On the other end glue feathers and wrap with twine.  For the felt feathers I cut 2 rectangles, glued them closed on the end of the stick then cut into feather shape and cut slits.

I am  very busy just like many of you, so I'm all about  fast and easy projects that make a big impact.   This was just that!  Now run to the nearest Dollar store or gas station and find yourself a bow!  If you make this quick DIY please share and tag us!