Windows are like the soul of your home, shining light onto all the moments shared within those four walls.

Your windows should reflect your homes character and because Modern homes look best with large  floor-to-ceiling windows,  they were a must have.

Color, Color, Color!

I wanted the windows to be one of the focal points of our homes exterior.  There were a couple things I had on the top of my list when I met with our builder for the first time.  Black framed windows were one of them no matter the cost.  It didn't take much to convince Luke, he loved them as much as I did. Boy did I learn a lot that first visit with Ezra.  Like the cost of windows.  Beige is the cheapest in price and not so cute, White is the most popular and totally affordable, and for some crazy reason Black is double the price but oh so eye catching.  



SO like the crazy girl I am I went with it!

Our windows were custom painted black.  We decided on the exterior  only.

  I can't wait to see it all come together!


Our windows arrived January 4th!