(n) the feeling you get when you
sit in front of a fireplace and
enjoy its warmth.


that warms my soul

modern + clean + rustic + neutral


Photos via Pinterest

Fast fact. Me and Luke....not so good with the house warming.  If our kids survival depended on us keeping them alive by adding wood to the stove every couple of hours during our cold winters  here in Utah. Slim. Real Slim.  There are many things I love about a fire, the warmth, sound, smell and cozy feel.  But I just cant do the upkeep and mess.  Because we have had gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves in the past and not loved either we knew we wanted something different. We decided to go with a modern electric stone flame.  Because it's sole purpose is for looks and not heating this was the perfect choice for us.  This ended up saving us around a thousand dollars that we had in the budget. HUGE BONUS!  It will be inset lower and flush with the wall.  My goal is to make this wall grand and keep it the vocal point.  One of the many reasons why i loved this plan was the entry on each side.  They will lead to the girls rooms and joined bathroom.  


I have yet to decide on the wall design, but here are a few of my design options.