Choose design details that express you and your homes personality.


Set a budget. Choose what you love and what speaks to your heart and soul.



Neutrals are best known to have no color. These include beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and white. Choosing these neutrals for your main finishes like flooring, wall paint, cabinets, and counter tops will allow you to add color with your furniture and décor. Changing your décor is more affordable then changing out your flooring in the years to come.

Going into the flooring store can be straight up overwhelming. Before going do some research and look online at ideas you like. Make an idea book and try to choose things like shape, material, and color before hand. Take the book with you. When arriving at the store talk budget first.  Have them show you items in your budget. This can eliminate hours of the process.


Get samples and lay them out together. Play around with different textures like wood, basket weave or a fun shape.  



Take your top 3 favorite in each category. Start putting them together. Consider color and what looks best. Take pictures so you can get a different perspective. Start eliminating, although most will eliminate themselves.


You cant go wrong with neutrals! Enjoy the process. Have fun.