DIY-Buffalo Check Wall

There’s nothing like welcoming Fall with a little plaid! Buffalo Check to be exact.

I have been swooning over buffalo check walls for over a year now. My laundry room needed a pop of pattern so off to Pinterest I went. After seeing a few tutorials on how to paint the pattern I knew this wasn't going to be an easy task. If you know me, I don’t have a lot of time and I’m all about easy projects. Another worry about painting was I didn’t want to do anything too permanent quite yet. It wasn’t until a few days ago while wandering the paper isle in Joannes I came across this paper pack! It had all the colors that the tutorials I read said you would need for paint. Hmmmm my brain started churning and I wondered if I could somehow skip all the taping off, paint,let dry, tape, paint, let dry! I wasn't sure, but I threw one pack in my cart anyway.



Make sure your colors are in the same color family. You will need a dark, medium, light of one color and a white. My walls were already white so I only needed black and two shades of grey. Another step skipped, Yes!


For my wall I used Black, Dark grey, light grey. There was one color left, the lightest grey.

If your walls aren't white you will need white as well.





Measure & cut


For my wall that measured 3 1/2 feet tall and 5 feet wide I did 8x8 squares. My plan was to cover the whole wall, but since I only grabbed one pack of paper and didn’t want to drive an hour to get another one I decided to go up as far as I could. The joys of living in a small town. So grab more if your doing a big wall!



all 4 corners.

Make sure you tape all corners so that your paper lays flat against the wall. I started with the bottom left corner and did a pattern of LIGHT GRAY-BLACK-LIGHT GRAY-BLACK. After that row was done I started on the second row using the other Color pattern.  WHITE-DARK GRAY-WHITE-DARK GRAY. You might have to trim the paper depending on your wall. I had only a few cuts on mine. Alternate pattern!



-Save your scraps when cutting. They might fit at the end of the wall.

-Place your papers as close together and as straight as possible.

-If your doing a big wall try to find 12x12 squares. No cutting and it will cover more area.


Up close it is not perfect, but it is pretty good for paper!

Who wants perfect anyway?

What a perfect solution for renters, dorm rooms, or a small budget! This would be so cute above a mantle or any accent wall. If you do this project please tag me on Instagram of Facebook! I would love to see!